Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bangle Tangle

I managed to complete an idea i have had in my mind since some time....I had started this blog with every intention not to restrict it to cooking n' recipes....I wanted it to reflect my interests in arts n' crafts as well. This is one of the first successful projects of mine...I don't exactly know where I had gotten the idea from...but the last time I had been to Commercial Street in Bangalore, I had bought some bangles I didn't have any intention to wear....n hence didn't spend too much money on it. I wish, I had more with me...but I had gotten only around 6 dozen of what I wanted....I color coordinated it a little with the existing theme I have in my living's kinda really simple...

I have just interconnected the bangles with a thick thread, winding the thread twice around each corner. I had got some small round mirrors from india as well (wasn't sure what i wanted with them when i got them) used a quick fix to stick the mirrors on the thread passing within the circle of the bangle and it's ready. It's hung on a wall key hook I had found at a fair in Bhopal...if you have done something similar or if this inspires you to do something do let me know, would love to see it!...:)


  1. Ok first of all you have a beautiful house and i love love love the way u have colour coordinated it from what little i can see. I love houses done up in an Indian theme and over here, however hard i try its just impossible to get that look:(
    Second, you are brilliant...creative...keep coming up with such ideas and crafts plsssssssss
    and third...who said u don take good pics...u have managed to capture the beauty of the piece perfectly. Esp the last pic..its awesome:)
    Keep up the gud should be regularly 'in vogue at home' :)

  2. oh nisha...that's such a sweet message…..thank you so for doing up home Indian theme....i prefer it too...i just don't know any other way i since we use dark n' earthy tones its easy maintenance ;)...

  3. i just cant seem 2 take my eyes off the last pic..its so unbelievably beautiful!


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