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Sanjeev Kapoor's- Hara Bhara Paneer Tikka

I have immense faith in Sanjeev Kapoor's recipes. He is referred to as "The most celebrated face of Indian cuisine" for a reason right? :). None of the recipes I have tried of his has ever failed me. My only problem is with his TV shows, they show some 3-4 dishes in like half an hour n' that means everything is happening so fast...I'm sometimes worried I'll miss out something. When I saw his show on using a grill stone for cooking, I was sure I have to try this paneer recipe that was featured. The first time I made this dish was about a year back. Have tried this many times after that n' it has always been a winner. But my paneer pieces weren't grilled to perfection, like I wanted it to and could never get a decent photograph until now.


I attended a BBQ session at Weber- Bangalore (outdoor BBQ grill dealers) recently and it helped me a lot with the grilling process this time around, (even though this recipe calls for grilling on the stove top.) Chef Sarabjeet, gave us a lot of pointers and it proved useful to me. They are running a weekend half a day BBQ workshop on May 1st, do let me know if you are interested, will give you the contact details. It is in fact, my favourite Paneer Grill recipe to date. So here you go.



For the Paste:
1. Fresh coriander leaves : 2 bunches
2. Fresh mint leaves: 1bunch
3. Green chillies: 4nos (reduce if you don't like it too spicy)
4. Garlic: 10cloves
5. Ginger: 1 1/2" piece
6. Lemon Juice: 2tsp
7. Onion: 2nos (medium sized) chopped
8. Salt: as per taste
9. Hung Curd: 1 cup
10. Fresh pomegranate pearls: 2tbsp

For the Marinade:
11. Gram Flour (Besan): 4tbsp
12. Kasoori methi powder:2tbsp ( I used dried kasoori methi leaves)
13. Chat Masala: 2tsp
14. Roasted Cumin Powder: 2tsp
15. Garam Masala: 2tsp
16. Mustard Oil: 2tbsp ( I used regular Sunflower oil)

Other Ingredients:
17. Paneer (Cottage Cheese): 500gms (2 inch cubes)
18. Onion: 2nos (medium) cut into 2 inch pieces
19. Green Capsicum: 2nos- seeded(medium) cut into 2 inch pieces
20. Tomatoes: 2nos- seeded (medium) cut into 2 inch cubes


Step 1: Grind together green chillies, coriander leaves, mint leaves, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, onion, salt, yogurt and pomegranate pearls into a thick paste using very little water.

Step 2: Roast the cumin seeds n' powder it using a mortar and pestle. Roast gram flour for two to three minutes and set aside.

Step 3: Place the paneer cubes in a bowl, add kasoori methi powder, chaat masala, roasted cumin powder, garam masala powder, roasted gram flour and the ground paste and mix well. Add a tbsp of oil to this and marinate the paneer for two hours.

Step 4: Thread the paneer pieces onto skewers alternating with onion, capsicum and tomato pieces.

Step 5: Season the grill stone/pan with oil and heat. Place the skewers on the hot grill pan and grill for three to four minutes. Baste with oil, turn the skewers and cook the other side for two to three minutes. Once this was done, I turned the flame to high and grilled it over the flame for 5-6secs both sides. (this step wasn't part of Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe) Serve it hot with a dip/chutney and its gonna impress everyone.


I'm gonna give this recipe★★★★★ ;) Its a must try, take my word for it. Happy Cooking!


I'm sending this post to the event Dish Name Starts with H, hosted by Akila from Akila's Kitchen.


  1. Wowie looks so much like the restuarant ones...Luv it and want to grab it right away

  2. Perfect look for these tikkas, not at all a paneer fan still am drooling on seeing these..

  3. luuuuv it! looks so tempting! - secret admirer

  4. I absolutely admire Sanjeev kapoor myself..very nice recipe n perfectly recreated.
    US Masala

  5. Okay you have convinced me and I will be trying it soon. For those of us who can't attend the BBQ session, can you do a post on BBQ/Grilling basics?? I want to out my indoor grill to good use.So any tips would be welcome!

    And hey, what does one do if they can't get hold of fresh pomegranate seeds? Will POM juice be a good substitute?

  6. wow it looks very tempting and colorful..wonderful clicks too...

  7. Perfect and nice. Though it's almost Spring here, haven't started grilling yet.Can't wait to pull out the grill and make some stuff like this :-)

  8. thank you guyz for the lovely comments....:)

    @CL....i'm gonna mail u some tips...;)

  9. Cant take my eyes from those wonderful looking paneer tikkas, salivating here..

  10. YESS!!! Once definitely cant go wrong with SK recipes!! This paneer looks droolworthy & finger licking good..You have an awesome collection of recipes here..Im glad i stopped by & now following u :) Btw, u can find SK~s TV show recipes on his website from sun eve or next day...
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  11. Hi Prathima....thank you so much for leaving me that comment....:)...will check out his recipes there from now on....:D

  12. Now grilled stuffs are my favorites. Love this one too.

  13. Hi...
    just happened to pop in here.. u have a great blog & very nice recipes. I love this one & it looks so tempting. Check mine @


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