Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Balsamic/Honey Vinaigrette

Recently, i came across this recipe on Fight the Fat Foodie and i just had to give it a try. The fact that i had most of the things needed for the recipe with me kinda helped. I just loved this, had i not seen this recipe there, i wouldn't even have thought a combination like this was going to taste this good. A special thanks to Scott for posting this recipe...:D

The recipe called for minced Shallot...which i didn't add...I made enough just for 2 people and i added Bread Bites that we get in retails shops here to get an extra my version of this recipe is little less healthy i guess...:)

A pic of the Twistos-Bread Bites that i used in this salad is given here....the link will give you the Calories in these :(...but it does not put me see it tastes really nice...:D


1. Baby Spinach: 200gms
2. Strawberries: 100gms (sliced)
3. Olive Oil: 2tbsp (extra virgin -if possible)
4. Balsamic Vinegar: 2tbsp
5. Garlic: 1 clove (minced)
6. Honey: 1 tbsp
7. Twistos- Bread Bites: 1/2 cup (optional)


Step 1: To make the vinaigrette, combine balsamic, garlic and one of the strawberries (crushed).

Step 2: Slowly whisk in the oil.

Step 3: Combine spinach, strawberries and dressing, add the bread bites if you are using it n' serve immediately.

To get my husband to eat greens is a big task for me...but he loved this n' that just made this Salad even more special...definitely going to feature in my kitchen again......:)

p.s. this snap has also gotten accepted in tastespotting...still leaving me feeling i'm on top of the world...;)

I'm sending this post to the Serve me Some....Salads event hosted by Madhuri of Cook-curry Nook.


  1. like i said the pic..if it wasnt for the spinach leaves to be had like lettuce, i would have given it a try!

  2. Dear one more healthy and fat less dish....very colourful indeed....have a wonderful day....

  3. Sounds really healthy as well as delicious!

  4. Hi Nish, Kamalika, Scott and Shahana....thank u for leaving me a comment here...:)

  5. Salad looks wonderful and hearty' lovely combo':)

  6. colorful salad.. it is so tempting ... looks so beautiful

  7. Hi Malar n' Pavithra...thank u so much...i really loved this salad too...:)


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