Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chopped Egg And Avocado Sandwich

My "Cooking for One" challenge is still on and i woke up really early today...spoke to my sister n' she wanted my Punjabi Paneer Makhani recipe n' i had to sent to her on once that was done i still had time to get ready for work n' decided to make something that feels really fresh...I have 6 posts in my draft that i made which i haven't posted yet...just no time!!!! Month ends are a busy time at work. But this was so good...i just couldn't wait to post it....

Also, i really need to dedicate a post to two of my good friends, Veerendra Mishra and Preetha P (non-bloggers)who found it really hard to believe that i can cook... actually quote unquote..."cook, style n' take decent pics" even i'm still surprised...;) i'm dedicating this post to them ;)...also i have made an Avocado Milkshake along with this post...i remember when i was working with them in ABN AMRO Bank- Bangalore, i used to order this so often...i can't seem to remember the name of the chain of fruit juice shops we used to order it from..:(...anyways i'm told it's full of good cholesterol....

I'm a big fan of Avocado or Butter Fruit (as we fondly call it back home), when my friend introduced me to Guacamole for the first time....i got addicted to it for when i came across this recipe i was 'Oh so keen' about trying here you go...(pls note i'm going to give the measurements enough to make just one sandwich...please adjust accordingly if you want to make more....)


1. Egg: 1 large (hard-boiled, peeled and chopped)
2. Onion: 2-3 tsps (chopped)
3. Parsley Leaves: 1 tbsp (chopped)
4. Dry Oregano: 1/4 tsp
5. Dijon Mustard: 1/4 tsp
6. Chili Mayonnaise *: 1-2tsp (yeah i went a little overboard with it...;) )
7. Ripe Avocado: half piece (the avocado needs to be halved, seeded, meat scooped out and diced)
8. Salt: to taste (just keep in mind that the Mayonnaise & Dijon Mustard will already have salt in it)
9. Black pepper: to taste (freshly ground)
10.Brown Bread: 2 slices (i have used a brown bun here but you can use any bread of your choice, lightly toasted)
11. Cheese of your choice: 1no (optional) (i didn't use it)

* i used chili mayo coz i love the flavour, you can use plain. but if you do want to use it and you only have plain mayo with you, all you need to do for a quick fix is just add chili flakes to your mayo n' mix well.


Step 1: In a bowl, mix the chopped Egg, Onion, Parsley, Dijon Mustard and Mayonnaise together.

Step 2: Toss in the chopped avocado, sprinkle with oregano, salt and pepper and gently mix well.

Step 3: Lightly toast the bread slices. Scoop a generous amount of the chopped egg and avocado on a slice of bread, add a slice of cheese (if using) and top with another slice of bread.

Here's a snap of my Avocado Milk Shake, i had the other half of Avocado which i didn't use in the sandwich right? i made the milk shake with you can see it's served in a Big Beer Glass...i was missing RJ n' decided to have the milk shake in his Beer Glass (a gift from me)...and as you can see it was a i could have only this for breakfast and i got the sandwiches with me for lunch...;)


  1. Yumm!! wat a fantabulous sandwich, feel like grabbing..

  2. Hi Miriam - Yummy food and nice pics. Surely you've managed to convince your friends. Glad I popped in :)

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  3. Dear,
    Lovely sandwich. I make a variant of this..rather than using boiled egg, i mix avocado with omelette! Hey, where is the shot of that Avocado Milkshake?

  4. Too yam yam recipe dear....i am in love with all ur healthy dishes u r sharing in ur eah post....the snap is tooooooooooooooooooo good...

  5. Miri
    All I can say here is yum and yum ! Simple and tasty! What could be better?

  6. the sandwich looks so tempting.. i dont see a pic of the milkshake!!

  7. hey nice post! I will try this next time I get avocado. It sounds yummy and the pic looks great!

  8. gals...thank u so much for the wouldn't believe i 'm having some trouble with the internet at home n' office...n' i'm not able to upload the second picture for some reason...i'm still trying...really sorry abt that...:(

  9. yeah yippee....finally i was able to upload the pic....;)

  10. Wooww.....loved that sandwich....your pics are cool....

  11. I love avocados,,this is s such a treat to visit ur space,,love it.
    Cheers and happy cooking.


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