Saturday, April 17, 2010

Puliyogare or Tamarind Rice

When I moved to Bangalore from Kerala, I got to try a lot of new cuisines. New to me I mean. When I started working I lived in a paying guest accommodation for a while. They were a really nice Kannadiga family and the aunty there used to insist on me eating at least some of the food that she makes at home. Almost all the things made there were unfamiliar to me. But out of all the things I tried what I loved the most in Kannadiga food has to be Poliyogare. I was missing Bangalore so much last week i wanted to dedicate a post to Puliyogare and eat some as well. ; )

Puliyogare is a South Indian rice preparation usually eaten as a snack. Puli means sour taste and Ogara means rice in Halegannada, thus Puliyogare translates as sour tasting rice. Puliyogare is also known as Huli anna or Tamarind Rice in some parts of Karnataka.

It is traditionally made using steamed or boiled rice mixed with tamarind juice, groundnuts or peanuts, coriander, coconut, red chilli, curry leaves, jaggery, pepper, mustard, fenugreek, turmeric, asafoetida, urad dal, and cumin. I

Puliyogare is particularly known to be a specialty of the Iyengar community, and some of the best puliyogare can be found in South Indian Sri Vaishnava temples, associated with the Iyengar community.

I have always loved tamarind, the fact that we have a really big tamarind tree at home could be one of the main reason why. Yet we have never made this dish at home. So I had no clue where to begin, n’ didn’t know who to go asking. Then I noticed that MTR- Puliyogare mix is readily available here and I decided to give it a go. It turned out just perfect, just the way I remember n’ like it. RJ doesn’t like it at all…but with the mix that is ready…it doesn’t feel like I’m doing double work with making something for me n’ something else for him. This mix is ready to use and just add this to cooked rice n’ it’s ready. After making this I decided to check the blogging world for some good recipes for Puliyogare n’ came across 2, one from Malas Kitchen and other one from Red Chillies. I decided to bookmark these for later... :)...if you are unable to get the ready mix, i would suggest you give the recipes here a try...have a nice weekend...:)


  1. i love love love the dp pic...the short hair and earrings are i don really have nything to talk about puliogare or dhare...simply because i really am not a fan of flavoured rice except for biryani and pulao and fried rice:)

  2. tamarind rice is a favorite..looks tempting.

  3. Hi miriam ,the dishh looks so tempting..but loved the snap more thing ur new profile pic is so beautiful..u r looking stunning....

  4. Wow, that looks tamarind rice so much, like ur food picture a lot' simply drool worthy:)

  5. Tamarind is one of those spices-actually a tree- that I have never cooked with but I am intrigued by- we have a lot of tamarind trees in my home country of Lebanon. Love your interesting stories and eager to know more!

  6. Beautiful click .. Haha My Fav MTR puliogere looks gorgeous with ur photo skills . I dont think anybody could have shot it better

  7. tamarind rice /puliyogare looks delicious.
    when we were in bangalore our landlord,aunt used to prepare this rice for us.i learnt the recipe from her.

  8. @ Ruchika...thanks...;)

    @ Malar n' Pavithra...thank u so much...:)

    @ Joumana...Tamarind place key role in a lot of cuisines from India especially South of India. I enjoy the spicy n' sour taste of preparing rice like this...try it might like it..;)

    @ Pranis Kitchen...thanks...our experience when it comes to tasting this dish is so similar....;)

  9. Hi Kamalika...thank u thank u...for giving me such a sweet comment...;)


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