Monday, April 19, 2010

Grapes and Banana Smoothie- My 'Remember Me by Smoothie'

Ok...i realise i made a big mistake by telling who ever was asking me that it isn't all that hot out here in Bahrain yet....this was last week n' this week it's scorching hot n' humid out here n' RJ is travelling for 5 Days...that means i'm cooking for one...normally it's with great difficulty that i reduce the ingredients and make a meal for 2...

Now that i have to reduce to a serving of one...i'm failing miserably n' that also means i'm sorta overeating...;)...but i'm blissfully making things i love to have n' hence i refuse to notice the fat on my thighs...;)...during this week's shopping RJ was commenting that 'i'm like a girl in a candy store' next to the vegetable n' fruits counters...which he doesn't see...he is an affirmed meataholic.

Leaving all that aside...i decided to make a smoothie...when i utter the word smoothie what comes into my mind are those extremely beautiful berry drinks in amazing colors...but berries other than strawberry are so expensive out here...i won't be able to justify my overindulgence...we get blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and redcurrants...they all look pretty in their cozy small box... a box the size of my palm will cost nothing less than USD 6 or roughly Rs.270/-.

As usual i'm i wanted to make a smoothie for RJ before he leaves n' decided to make do with some really ripe sweet black grapes n' extra ripe bananas....i saw some smoothie recipes were asking for it to be served in Hurricane glasses..didn't have a clue what they were n' decided to look it up only to realise that the glass we got when we ordered a cocktail in Hard Rock Cafe- London was a Hurricane glass...quickly made up my mind to serve this smoothie in that glass....this was sorta of my version of "Remember Me by Smoothie" for RJ... was pretty nice...quick fix, tasty n' cheap...Oolala...


1. Black or Red Grapes: 2 handful (seedless)
2. Bananas : 2 large
3. Ice cubes: 1 cup
4. Milk: 1/4 cup
5. Mint Leaves: 4-5 (crushed) (optional)
6. Sugar : 3-4tsp (optional)


Step 1 : Place the bananas and grapes into a blender and mix until it is a "smooth" liquid.

Step 2: Add the ice and blend until crushed.

Step 3: Add milk and sugar n' crushed mint leaves if using, mix until smooth.

Step 4: Pour into a hurricane glasses and serve immediately.


  1. aww the hurricane glass..i ahve no idea what to do with it, i recently soaked my skewers in it for grilling :)

  2. lol....well you can start serving smoothies in them...;)

  3. wow the smoothie looks so tempting and the presentation was lovely....

  4. Smoothies should be served in this Hurricane glass...I didn't know that :-) Thanks looks tempting

  5. Woww wat a tempting and beautiful smoothie, looks awesome!!!

  6. This sounds super refreshing. I love adding mint to drinks!

  7. Hey, you and Nisha both know how to present a dish well.
    This smoothie looks awesome. I so wish I had that tall drink of smoothie to revive me.
    Following you. Ciao.

  8. hey cool lassie...thank for the presentation...maybe it runs in the family...;)...i'm following u too thank u once again...

  9. Lovely smoothie .Really tempting!!

  10. it looks fab! I could definitely do with a treat like that...soo tempting!


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