Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Corn Manchurian

I don’t think I have bought baby corns after moving to Bahrain. So its safe to assume its been almost 2yrs since I last had them…..atrocious rite???

Anyways now the situation sort of demands me to eat more veggies and I considered cooking something with some Baby Corn. Being a Mal there is not tried n’ tested family recipe for this and I had to get some help from the internet. I just typed ‘baby corn recipe’ as my search title n’ most of what I got were baby corn Manchurian recipes….honeslty I have never had them before n’ I decided to try…..just coz it was really easy…i love easy recipes…I mean I’m really lazy most of the time…but sometimes the whole ‘josh’ of cooking becomes a little overpowering and I end up trying something new…. this recipe is a combination of three recipes….kind of had to judge what can I avoid n’ what’s a must……I love doing this…:D so here you go….

Ingredients :

1.Baby Corn- 300gms
2. All Purpose Flour (Maida)- 3/4th of a cup
3. Corn Flour- 1tbsp
4. Chili Powder – ½ tsp (I used kashmiri chili powder)
5. Pepper Powder- ½ tsp (reduce the qty if u don’t like spicy food)
6. Ginger Garlic - 2tsp (crushed)
7. Salt- to taste
8. Water- ½ cup
9. Oil- ½ cup ( for deep frying)
10. Soy Sauce- 1tsp ( I used light sauce)
11. Oyster Sauce- 1tsp
12. Red Chili Sauce- 1tsp (use less if you don’t share my love for spicy food ;)
13. Tomato Ketchup- 1tsp
14. Onion- 1 big (sliced thin) or (2 medium ones)
15. Spring Onion- 1 Stem (add more if you like to)
16. Vinegar/ Lime Juice (optional)- a drizzle
17. a pinch of ajinomoto (optional)- I added Maggie Noodles taste maker (1packet) instead…;)


Step 1: Cut each baby corn into 3 slices, and boil the same in water adding a little salt….(i add very little water most of the time while boiling… instead of covering the vegetables with water I toss the pan to cook it evenly). Once cooked drain the baby corn n’ keep it aside. (Don’t throw the water we can use the same later)

Step 2: Mix the flour, corn flour, chili powder, pepper powder, 1 tsp of ginger garlic crushed, soy sauce (just a few drops) and salt.

Step 3: Coat this batter on the Baby corns and deep dry the same. Keep it aside.

Step 4: Remove as much oil as possible (leaving maybe arnd 1tbsp…add a little more later if required) and in the same pan add the sliced onion n’ the remaining 1tsp crushed ginger garlic. Let it cook for a while until the onion turns pink….

Step 5: Once the onion is cooked to your satisfaction, add all the sauces to this (soy, oyster, chili and tomato ketchup) again….let is cook for a while….

Step 6: Add the taste maker to the above once the same is cooked. As all the above (sauces n’ tastemaker) is a little salty, take care while adding more salt to this. Add the spring onion slices now (so that it doesn’t get overcooked)

Step 7: Add the water that we had kept aside from boiling the baby corn (not too much just enough for a light gravy). Add the fried baby corns to this….and stirring/folding it occasionally let it be on the fire for atleast 5-10 more mins…(so that the baby corn get the flavor of the gravy) and its ready to serve…

I think it will be best served with fried rice or plain rice.


  1. Thank u so much for the veggie recipes...i desperately need them now..u know y rt:)

  2. veggie recipes in demand ;)...i like that...this dish came out better than i expected it gobi manchurian hadn't come out this well...the texture of my batter wasn't right i guess...but anyways try this out...:D


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