Thursday, May 21, 2009

Masala Coke

A friend of ours served this at a party. I have never ordered this at restaurants or juice bars and maybe never would have. But having had this once, I can say we love it esp during summer...:)

Things You Need

Coke (Cold)

Mint Leaves - 2 or 3nos

Chaat Masala- half a tsp

Lime Juice- 2 or 3 tsps

Salt or Black Salt (as per taste)

Pepper Powder- half a tsp (optional)

What To Do

Step1 : Mix all ingredients together except the soda and mint leaves in a tall glass.

Step2 : To this, add the Coke little by little, stir continuously with a spoon allowing the soda froth up.

Step3 : Repeat until the glass is full. Gently crush the mint leaves and add to this. Serve immediately.

The thing is these measurements aren't like a hard and fast rule, this works for me and you can try your own version of this...cola is commonly used but i have tried it with 'Sprite' and taste good as well.


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