Thursday, May 21, 2009

True Nature

I'm truly not sure of my reason for having created another blog...i was just trying out the options available and came across this one. Now that i have created it the idea of turning this section into sharing the creative side of me is lodged in my mind.

My mom and most of my aunts do not work in an organisation, i'm specifying that coz they end up doing all the work around the home. So can't say they don't work. That being said there role as mothers n' home makers have been revolving around making tasty meals for all of us. We are a really close family and need no reason to end up in each others homes.

I have clear memories of my dad n' me most of my uncles and nieces and nephews being extra fussy about what we will eat and what we won't and things like that. Its only now that i have family of my own that i realise how difficult a job this is. I must confess i have changed now and try not to be too fussy. Each time my husband say 'i don't like that or this' or something similar i keep telling myself that i should not fall into this trap n' make only things that he likes. But truth be told i have fallen prey to this and now i feel like its too late to change (already!!!). I mean i hate it when he doesn't praise the food that i have made....yeah i know its completely childish. Anyways, I have kind of grown to like the food that he likes. Like everyone else, we both love tasty food and though our choice of dishes is limited, i have learned to cook them well. That being said i must confess i'm not a great cook, neither can i say i'm passionate about cooking (for obvious reasons).

There are a lot of recipes that my family favours which i believe we won't even try out as its time consuming n' the like. But i want to make a note of them out here n' try it as and when i have the time and maybe some of you out there would like it too...hopefully I will have more to contribute than just recipes.


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