Monday, March 15, 2010

Cucumber Raita

I have always been fond of Curd…..buttermilk happens to be my favourite drink….yeah at this day n’ age when women all over are talking about drinks like cosmopolitan, margarita, bloody mary n’ sex on the beach…being their favorite, I’m still, true to my form, saying I prefer a nice homemade buttermilk….:D..just imagine it being served on a hot n’ humid day….wah! my mouth is watering… as usual I’m digressing…so like I was saying in the 3 years since I started cooking…I have made raita often….but there was always something missing… wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be….then recently I had it at a North Indian restaurant here named “Bombay Chopatti”…n’ I realized one of the key ingredient is Cumin Powder…. maybe there are ways to make it even better n’ there are more key ingredients I don’t know about… but for now I’m really thrilled about how good this tastes. It’s best served with biryani n’ pilaf.

1. Cucumber- 2nos (sliced into medium sized pieces)
2. Onion- 1no (sliced thin)
3. Tomato- 1no (deseeded n’ chopped)
4. Green Chili- 1-2nos (deseeded n’ chopped)
5. Yogurt/Curd- 100-150gms
6. Cumin/Jeera Powder- 1/4tsp
7. Water- as preferred (I use very little)
8. Salt- as per taste

Step 1: Mix sliced cucumber, onion, tomato n’ green chili add salt n’ toss this. Deseeding the tomatoes seem to ensure a nice flavor instead of strong taste…n’ that’s why I do it this way…:D

Step 2: Whip the curd into a nice smooth paste and add this to the above.

Step 3: Add as much water as you want the thickness to be n’ garnish it with the cumin powder n’ refrigerate n’ mix this only just before serving…


  1. its HOT here and this sounds like the perfect accompaniment to cool off!

  2. hey S, thank u so much for dropping by n' leaving me a are right about this being a perfect accompaniment with your meals during summer.... i try to include yogurt in my diet in some form or the other...i think it does a world of good...:)


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