Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Darbar Ki Karahi

Ok...i know i had declared my previous chicken curry recipe to be the easiest ever. But trust me this is equally easy...and what i loved the most about this recipe is that (apart from the fancy Indian name that is) the texture of the looks like it's straight from an authentic Indian restaurant. Karahi Chicken is simply put chicken cooked with tomatoes and cilantro. Honestly, one of the best chicken recipes i have ever tried, my sister has already made it thrice...well the recipe sounds so simple you have to try it...:) here you go....


1. Chicken: 500gms
2. Tomato: 500gms
3. Onion: 1no (sliced)
4. Kasturi Methi Leaves: 1 tbsp
5. Ginger Garlic Paste: 1tbsp (preferably fresh)
6. Turmeric Powder: 1/2 tsp
7. Chili Powder: 2tsp (i used kashmiri chili powder)
8. Salt: as per taste or 1tsp
9. Green Chilies: 5nos (3 whole and 2 slipt in the middle)
10.Coriander Leaves/Cilantro: 1bunch
11.All spice Powder: 1/2 tsp (i used garam masala)
12.Lemon: as per taste
13.Oil: 1/2 cup
14. Water: 1/2 cup (use more according to how much gravy you want)
14.Ginger: cut into thin strips for garnishing (optional)


Step 1: Deep fry chicken until it cooks a little. Roughly 10-12mins.

Step2: Fry onions till brown, add methi leaves (on law flame) add turmeric powder, chili powder, salt, ginger garlic paste. Allow the masala to cook well.

Step 3: Add the chopped tomatoes (add just a little water if required)

Step 4: Add the chicken pieces to the above. Add water and cook for 15 minutes covered.

Step 5: By now you should get a nice rich gravy.Add the green chilies, coriander leaves & all spice powder/garam masala. Stir well, leave it on the flame for another minute or 2 and its ready.

Squeeze the lemon juice over the curry just before serving otherwise it will spoil the taste. :) Best served with Ghee Rice, Pilaf or any Roti or Chapathi...


  1. I'm drooling...really...
    I like every bit of the recipe, except the deep frying bit which i hate :( but i think is a very imp step rt?

  2. nish....i totally love this recipe too...deep frying is a must coz that's how you are cooking the chicken here...:)

  3. Silence are's simple and the results are just superb...;)

  4. wow, that looks really good. i'm one of those people who hates deep frying at home though.

  5. Thanks that both you n' nish are saying you don't like Deep has set me off thinking...the next time i make this dish...i will try some other way and figure out how to avoid deep frying...:)

  6. wow! gorgeous pic Miriam! I loved the colour of the chicken and btw, did you change the site layout? I liked that header too, vibrant & colourful!

  7. hey maria...thank u...yes i have changed the layout...i was trying out ways to make the photographs looks better...that's why i changed it....:)

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  9. Hi Vincent, thank you so much for the invite. I would love to add my blog to Petitchef. :)

  10. Hi miriam....
    Iam new to ur blog and absolutely loved it...loved ur curry dishes alot...yet to go thru others.....I came thru facebook, following you....Well, ur pics are impressive as well....very pretty ones....following you dear..
    V\isit my bloggie when u find time..

  11. Hello Miriam,

    I tried this recipe n I vouch itz yum :) I made this as an accompaniment for neychoru (my first try) n got oodles of compliments from hubs dear n MIL :) as u said a super easy one.. Will be following u :) Once again, tx for the recipe. Oh btw,am also from Kottayam, Aymanam.


  12. Wonderful curry.. i made it yesterday.. with chapati, tasted like eating from a dhaba :) tx.. and it was dead easy!



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