Monday, July 6, 2009

Betty a blessing

I had never baked a cake... ever...and i remember how i used to sit with my grandmother while she prepares everything for the cake and i used to sit there waiting to get the bowl to lick the last bit...;)....i loved it....and i would say oh it smells so good and she will immediately scold me saying i shouldn't make any comments while its being made and doing so will get bad results...Well irrespective of hers always turning out to be the best, she used to scold me every time i said that...;)....i think grand parents are the best, i have found such unconditional love in them. Maybe my relationship with my grandparents is what makes me feel at home with older people.

Now i'm digressing again, the point is i made my first cake last month and i took the easy way out...i used a Betty Crocker came out so soft...i got half of it to the office... my friends at work enjoyed it almost as much as my husband did… ;) and some told me that their Mix doesn't turn out to be this nice....made me feel so proficient! (Could’ve been beginner’s luck!!)

I decided to get a little adventurous the next time around and tried the Chocolate Swirl Cake. This turned out to have a step or 2 more than the Dark Chocolate Cake Mix, but comes out as nice. The best part is the kitchen smells divine afterwards and it is all ready in 45mins (including a hands on time of 15mins.) ;)
That reminds me to thank my Moulinex Hand Mixer. It's so easy to use and clean. This has to be my best impulse buy to date. So if you are like me hesitating to start your baking…this is the way to go…try it…I have seen these mix even in Bangalore, but hadn’t tried it there coz I didn’t have an oven feature on my microwave. But now there is no stopping me. ;)


  1. that cake looks nice...i also started my baking using the packet mix....i used pillsbury. they r nice.....u can bake this cake on hob top as well,in a nonstick pan, on low takes 30-35minutes, n they turn out great... we make it like that....

  2. hey shabs...thanks for stopping by. Love your blog and pics....i have never tried making them on the hob top myself...but my sister has tried something in the pressure cooker or something. But i never knew that i could make this cake on a nonstick pan...will try it one of these days...;)


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