Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pasta with No Sauce

Trust me i could not come up with a better name. I have been having a really busy week and plus i'm on some diet plan i'm not following.

I swear the more i think about being on a diet, the more i want to eat. I'm constantly thinking about's driving me nuts. Plus i can never sit through a movie without eating something...Robin hates it....he on the other hand doesn't eat or drink anything while watching a movie or boring is that?

Anyway, before going home for lunch, i was already hungry like crazy. We had Cheru Payarthoran (Moong Dal) at home. I personally love having it with pickle n' Kanji. But my man isn't too keen on this...n' he likes eating it with Chapatti. I also like it now, considering it has less fat packed in this option.

I wasn't sure what i wanted to eat, but i was in no mood for what was ready at home. I have never used tomato sauce in my pasta n' have always made white sauce at home. But truth be told it doesn't come out the way i dream my pasta to be. The exotic sauces n' cheese that all the recipes online require wasn't there with me either. I quickly stopped at a shop on the way n' got an Italian Tomato Sauce meant for Pasta....which i didn't add! ;) I wasn't even sure of what i'm making till i finished making it...;)...anyways here we go...

Pasta: 250gms
Butter: 2tbsp ;)
Onion: Chopped into small pieces
Garlic: 3-4nos (crushed)
Mushroom: 200gms (sliced)
Maggi Chicken Stock cube- 1
Hot water: 1/2 ltr
Corn flour: 1-2 tsp (diluted)
Eggs- 2 nos (scrambled)
Oregano: a pinch for garnishing
Chili Flakes: for garnishing
Fresh Peppercorn crushed- a pinch or 2
Salt - to taste ( i used salted butter n' the chicken stock already had some)


Step 1: Cook pasta in hot water till tender and set it aside. (i add salt n' oil in this stage, i have read this is not the authentic way to do it...but this works for me)

Step 2: In a hot pan add butter, crushed garlic and onion. Once the onion has softened add sliced mushrooms and cook till lightly tender.

Step 3: Add the chicken stock cube to the boiled water to make the stock.

Step 4: Add the chicken stock and corn flour to the mushrooms. (if you find the level of gravy to be more than decent it's ok. Once it thickens slightly, add oregano and pepper powder.

Step 5: Add the cooked pasta to this. The extra gravy will be required as we are not using any other paste. Add some more salt if required.

This is ready to serve, sprinkle some chili powder and grated cheese before serving. I used scrambled eggs instead of cheese (hehe) for lunch. The left over for dinner i served it with some cherry tomatoes and fried Beef Salami. This dish came out so much better than i expected. I guess it just goes on to prove pasta is something you can do anything with...;)


  1. I swear ur right about pasta coming to your rescue in need :)
    I should rem to put mushrooms in mine the next time..

  2. hey nish...thanks as always for leaving a comment...;)


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