Sunday, July 5, 2009

Semiya Payasam/ Vermicelli Kheer

I have always favoured this payasam over the others. My husband who was dead set against it until i started making them at home now literally licks his bowl clean. ;)


Vermicelli- 1 Cup
Milk- 2 cups (first portion)
Water- 1 cup
Sugar- 1/2 a cup
Milk- 1 cup (warm- 2nd portion)
Cardamom- 4-5nos (crushed)
Ghee- 2 tsp
Cashew Nuts- 10-15nos (cut into small pieces)
Raisins- 10nos

Step 1: Add ghee into a hot pan. Lightly fry the cashew nuts and the raisins. Set them aside.

Step 2: Fry the vermicelli until light golden brown in the ghee left.

Step 3: Add the 1st portion of milk and water to this and stir occasionally and let it boil for 10-15 mins until it thickens well. (the vermicelli needs to be cooked just right for the dish to turn out right). In the mean time add the sugar.

Step 4: Add the warm milk (2nd portion) and the powdered cardamom. Leave it to boil a while. Thicken it to the desired consistency. Keeping in mind that this will thicken further once it cools down. Keep it aside to cool.

Step 5: Add cashew and raisins just before serving instead of adding them during or immediately after step 4. This will retain their crispness. (my husband doesn’t like cashews or raisins in his so this step helps me get some in mine and none in his.) Best when served cold.


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