Friday, July 22, 2011

Pickled Jalapeños n' a note on 'The BBQ Story', Bangalore


I have to do a blog post today....yeah, HAVE TO. You must have all realized that i'm being rather slow with my blog post updates these days....well let me assure you its not lack of cooking. I have been really busy with guests/friends pouring in (what with me not working anymore more n' all, I'm the only one with loads of time on my hands) n' on top of that I'm just not inspired to take photographs of what I have been cooking. Don't know why, i'm hoping its just a phase n' it will soon be over. I have heard some bad news yesterday which has left me feeling gutted. Well mopping up is over n' I have decided to do a blog post today.


I have mentioned Chef Sarabjeet in my Hara Bhara Paneer Tikka post a while back. I met him at this Weber grill workshop here in Bangalore. Now he n' his friends are working together on projects/workshops to make food enthu people like you n' me, convert that enthu into some serious skills in the kitchen. They call it 'The BBQ Story' n' "Learn, Grill n' Chill" is there motto. :) So far, they have done 3 workshops, missed out on the 2 of them, but I ensured I could take part in the 3rd one n' I enjoyed it a lot. Some of you who have added me on Facebook must have seen some of the snaps here. The menu that day was Banglore Muslim Dum Biryani, Chicken Malai Tikka, Grilled Ghost Kheema Tikka, Grilled Fish Wrapped in Plaintain leaf with a Coriander marinade.. The Biryani was to die for, the recipe was simple, but the tips n' pointers the Chefs there tell us while cooking are irreplaceable. All in all, it was just an awesome Sunday for me. Please read more about them here n' follow them for more regular updates. They are coming up with BBQ Chapter 4 on 24th July...the details are as under.

Chef Sarabjeet says...."Learn to make,Country style Grilled Steaks and Home made fresh Sausages, and lots more...!!!!!!
When..????-24th July, Sunday
But what time..?? 10am onwards
Now..Where..?? @ Yolk Studio Kormangala
How to book..? Call sarabjeet on 9916580506 or text Sushil on 9880340900
and to drink??......:) Wines from Nine Hills..!!!!!..come learn, grill and chill..!"

Coming to today's recipe, its a simple recipe for some fuss free Pickled Jalapeno Peppers. I love pickled jalapenos, if I see them listed as an ingredient while ordering a Pizza, i'm almost always biased towards that pizza. Buying them in Bangalore is an expensive option. I buy a 200gms of sliced jalapeno pickle for Rs.75/-. So when I saw a packet of fresh Jalapenos here, I just had to buy them. Having no clue how to pickle them didn't help. Saw lot of takes on how to do some fancy way of pickling them. But I decided to stick with this simple version. The recipe is adapted from here.



1. Fresh Jalapeños: 250gms (whole or sliced)
2. Salt: 1tbsp
3. White Vinegar: 1cup
4. Water: 1 cup


Step 1: Warm the jar you want to put the pickle in. (I kept it in the MW for 1.30 seconds)

Step 2: Pack the jalapeños in the warm glass jar. Since I used whole Jalapeños Peppers, I prodded them with a serrated knife to ensure that they soak up the brine.

Step 3: In a saucepan, add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for about 5 minutes. (I just boiled the mixture in MW for 2mins).

Step 4: Pour hot brine over top. Bubble your jars thoroughly by tapping them firmly on the countertop and using a wooden chopstick to release any stubborn bubbles. Wipe rims, apply lids and bands.

For a crunchy bite, you can start nibbling on them within a few hours. As for softer texture, let this sit for 4-5 days. They say you can keep it refrigerated for upto two months.
They taste awesome in a sandwich n I plan to take some for my mom who is a huge fan of Sandwiches n' pickled veggies. Happy Cooking!!! :)



  1. Awesome clicks,Miri and a lovely recipe too!:) I hope you enjoy your cooking workshops - they really sound like fun!


  2. love jalapenos a lot, but here its just cheaper 2 buy the pickled ones than buy it from the market
    ...when im craving it a lot i head 2 borough market and buy some and make my fav fav jalapeno poppers..yummmm. :)

  3. Havent tasted these...but looks very tempting

  4. Spicy and tangy...we love jalapeno's....

  5. I love jalapenos! Never thought of pickling them at home... that's a great idea :)
    I didn't know you are in Bangalore! I am not in town right now but would love to attend one of these workshops, at least to meet you!
    Do you know many Bangalore food bloggers?

  6. I have never tried jalapenos pickled...nice clicks..

  7. Glad u r back :) And ya...its just a phase when u dont want to make efforts to take pics..Must be the rains..Happens to me too :0
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  8. @chinmayie @ love food eat thank u...have been in bangalore for over a year now....would love to meet up with you soon...:)...i do know couple of food bloggers in bangalore...:)

  9. I love Jalapenos on pizza it gives out such a lovely fiery taste ...this pickle looks nice Miri..wonderful clicks as well:)

  10. This looks so spicy !! Beautifully clicked too.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. your are going through almost exactly what i did in the last two months, house guests as in family visits galore, cooking galore but no time to blog them!!! But you are back with tongue tickler - never usually see jalapenos that are ripe! feeling the fire :) Priya

  12. Browsing the web of blogs, I ended up here in yours.
    I love your blog: Recipes, graphics, all the interesting content.
    I have added to your followers so you do not lose more sight.
    If you like,come in my blog... you're welcome.
    Excuse my English, I'm Italian
    La Magica Zucca

  13. This looks fantastic. Makes me craving for the spicy stuff.

  14. lovely way to save jalapenos when it is not in season

  15. Havent tried pickles with Jalapenos.... But urs looks perfect.

    My recent post: Kaima Idli

  16. I LOVE jalapenos n I am yet to see fin one that doesn't like pickle ~ this is a win win for me :)
    US Masala

  17. I have not tasted this one ..taste spicy ??

  18. Hi miri, haven't seen anything from you in a while!! hope you are well - cheers, priya


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